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با اجرای بیش از 160 شعر از شعرهای شاد آموزشی انگلیسی Nursery Rhymes

1- Barney Fun On Wheels DVD1


حاوی 15 آهنگ، متن شعرها در:


1.Barney Theme Song

2.This is the Way

3.A Circle's Shape is Round

4.Wheely's Got a Way to Go

5.Oh, When We March

6.Big and Little

7.The Wheels on the Bus

8.Look Both Ways

9.She'll Be Comin' Round the Moutain

10.Sailing Medley (I'd Love to Sail/The Fishing Song)

11.Riding on a Bike

12.Down By the Station

13.Hey, Look at Me! I Can Fly!

14.This is the Way (Reprise)

15.I Love You


2- Barney's Animal ABCs DVD1


حاوی 21 آهنگ، متن و عنوان شعرها در:


1.Being Together

2.Alphabet Song

3.The Ants Go Marching (Taken from: At Home in the Park)

4.Colors Make Me Happy (Taken from: The Land of Make-Believe )

5.Old MacDonald (Taken from: Days of the Week)

6.Let's Do the Tricks My Doggie Does

7.The Elephant Song (Taken from: Taken from: Let's Make Music)

8.Over in the Meadow (Taken from: Ducks and Fish)

9.Let's Take Care of Our Pets

10.Jungle Adventure (Taken from: The Land of Make-Believe )

11.The Baby Bop Hop (Taken from: Things I Can Do)

12.Mary Had a Little Lamb (Taken from: Let's Make Music)

13.Rock Like a Monkey

14.Clip, Clop Riding on a Pony (Taken from: Let's Go to the Farm)

15.Do Your Ears Hang Low (Taken from: Rabbits)

16.Itsy Bitsy Spider (Taken from: A Little Big Day)

17.The Little Turtle (Taken from: At Home in the Park)

18.The Vet Song (Taken from: Vets)

19.The Fishing Song (Taken from: Ducks and Fish)

20.The Animal and Alphabet Matching Game

21.I Love You


3- Barney's Adventure Bus DVD2


حاوی 17 آهنگ، عنوان و متن شعرها در:


1.Barney Theme Song (tune: Yankee Doodle)

2.It's a Beautiful Day

3.Land of Make Believe

4.The Wheels on the Bus

5.Let's Go on an Adventure

6.Happy Dancing

7.Castles So High

8.Make the Dough

9.Nothing Beats a Pizza

10.Get Along Little Doggies

11.Home on the Range

12.Turkey in the Straw

13.The Elephant Song

14.The Popcorn Song

15.The Baby Bop Hop

16.Our Friend BJ Had a Band (tune: Old McDonald Had a Farm)

17.I Love You (tune:This Old Man)


4- Barney Moving and Grooving DVD2


حاوی 14 آهنگ، متن شعرها در:


1.Barney Theme Song

2.The Clapping Song

3.If You're Happy and You Know It

4.Music is For Everyone

5.The Marching Song

6.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

7.Our Friend Barney Had a Band

8.Gaggle, Giggle, Wiggle Dance

9.The Duckies Do

10.Dino Dance

11.The Running Song

12.Move Your Body

13.Looby Loo

14.I Love You

5- Barney's Christmas Star DVD2


حاوی 14 آهنگ، عنوان و متن شعرها در:


1.Barney Theme Song

2.Deck the Halls

3.Holidays Medley (I Love the Holidays, O Little Town of Bethlehem, My Dreidel, Habari Gani)

4.It's Snowing!

5.O Christmas Tree

6.Over the River and Through the Woods

7.Just Imagine

8.March of the Toys

9.We're Writing A Letter To Santa

10.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

11.Jingle Bells

12.O Christmas Tree (Reprise)

13.We Wish You a Merry Christmas

14.I Love You

6- Barney's Big Surprise Live on Stage DVD3


حاوی 24 آهنگ، عنوان و متن شعرها در:


1.Barney is a Dinosaur

2.If You're Happy and You Know It

3.Welcome to Our Treehouse

4.The Baby Bop Hop

5.Happy Birthday to Me

6.The Airplane Song*

7.My Kite

CD of live show

Added by Barneysbigfan1238.Driving Medley (In the Car and Having Fun; Itsy Bitsy Spider; and Mister Sun)

9.Mr. Knickerbocker

10.Tinkerputt's Song

11.We are Little Robots

12.Listen to the Night Time@

13.The Rainbow Song

14.Hey, Look at Me! I Can Fly!

15.Six Little Ducks

16.Happy Birthday to Me (Reprise)

17.If All the Raindrops

18.Old MacDonald Had a Farm

19.I'm Mother Goose*

20.Mother Goose Medley (Humpty Dumpty; Hey Diddle Diddle; Little Miss Muffet; Little Boy Blue; One Two Buckle My Shoe; Sing a Song of Sixpence)

21.Old King Cole

22.Happy Birthday to You

23.I Love You


7- Barney Read with Me Dance with Me DVD4


حاوی 17 آهنگ، متن شعرها در:


Read with Me

1.Barney Theme Song

2.Books are Fun

3.The Baby Bop Hop

4.What Will We See at the Zoo?

5.The Women Who Flew

6.The Rocket Song

7.Old MacDonald

8.What Shall We Make Today

9.When the Circus Comes to Town

Dance with Me


1.Old King Cole

2.Dancing...Won't you Come and Join Me

3.You Might Like Something New

4.Happy Dancin'

5.Gaggle, Giggle, Wiggle Dance

6.Dino Dance

7.Look at Me I'm Dancing!

8.I Love You


8- Let's Go To The Farm DVD5


حاوی 22 آهنگ، عنوان و متن شعرها در آدرس:


1.Barney Theme Song

2.It's a Fun Fun Sunny Day

3.Bumpin' Up and Down

4.Snackin' on Healthy Food (Chorus Verse)

5.Down on Grandpa's Farm

6.What an Adventure

7.Do Your Ears Hang Low

8.Had a Little Rooster

9.Clean Up

10.The Sharing Hen

11.The Duckies Do

12.Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

13.Little Boy Blue

14.Little Bo Peep

15.Mary Had a Little Lamb

16.Barber, Barber, Shave a Pig

17.Clip, Clop Riding on a Pony

18.Icy, Creamy Ice Cream

19.So Many Pumpkins

20.Turkey in the Straw

21.Old Brass Wagon

22.I Love You


9- Barney Let's Go To The Zoo DVD6


حاوی 11 آهنگ، لیست شعرها در:


1.What Will We See at the Zoo?

2.Ten Little Meerkats


4.Have a Snack!

5.Jungle Adventure

6.The Tiger Song

7.The Elephant Song

8.Rock Like a Monkey

9.Everybody Needs a Nap

10.What Will We See at the Zoo? (Reprise)

11.I Love You


10- Barney's Night Before Christmas DVD7


حاوی 16 آهنگ، همراه زیرنویس انگلیسی همیشه فعال حک روی فیلم، متن شعرها در آدرس:


1.Barney Theme Song

2.Jingle at the Window

3.Winter's Wonderful

4.Deck the Halls

5.O Christmas Tree

6.Jolly Old St. Nicholas

7.Jingle Bells

8.Look into Santa's Book

9.Joy to the World (Instrumental)

10.Christmas is Our Favorite Time of Year

11.Wrap it Up

12.The Twelve Days of Christmas

13.Dance of Sugarplum Fairy

14.Christmas Medley: Silent Night, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas

15.Up on the Housetop

16.I Love You


11- Barney Beach Party DVD8


 حاوی 16 آهنگ، متن شعرها در:


1.Barney Theme Song

2.Rain Rain Go Away

3.Mister Sun

4.Colors All Around

5.A Silly Hat

6.I'd Love to Sail

7.A-Hunting We Will Go

8.Icy, Creamy Ice Cream

9.My Kite

10.If I Lived Under the Sea

11.Castles So High


13.Barney's Hula Dance

14.Barney's Hula Dance (Reprise)

15.Imagine a Place

16.I Love You

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